Cashback auf Einkäufe in Crediton UA CPS

Crediton UA CPS, Cashback auf Einkäufe
Cashback 4.2 USD
Um Cashback in diesem Shop zu erhalten, lesen Sie bitte die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen und klicken Sie auf den Button "Cashback empfangen" CashBack empfangen

Bedingungen des Empfangs vom CashBack

  • Cash back accrued after the confirmation of the loan issued within the specified time. Cashback will be accrued only for the first issued loan (for further loans cashback will be $2 if the loan amount is more than 1000 UAH)

Frist des Empfangs vom CashBack

17 Mittlere Zeit
35 Maximale Zeit
Gehe zur
Website des Partners
Cashback erhalten
bei Depcount

CreditOn – new online service for micro-credit that allows for 15 minute to obtain a loan of up to UAH 15,000 on the card of any Bank of Ukraine. We can take credit how to pay, and any other needs. All you need is a passport and a code. To obtain the money You will be able from any point of Ukraine, while having only Internet access.

Benefits for buyers

  • High probability of approval of the application 80-90%
  • The possibility of early repayment
  • The increase in the amount of the loan with each new treatment
  • Need only a passport and a code
  • The application is considered no more than 15 minutes
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