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  • Cashback is accrued after confirmation of payment of the e-Travel insurance, within the specified period.

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The uniqueness of the e-Travel insurance program is that any individual (citizen of any country!) Who can speak Russian at that level in order to issue and pay for a policy on the website of a Russian insurance company can purchase the insurance policy. The fact is that in the event of an insurance event, the client will be supported not by an insurance company, but by an international assistance company. In the host countries, the assistance company has contracts with medical institutions and other necessary organizations whose task is to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance in the event of an insurance event. Without fail, such companies have an official representative who speaks local and English for organizing and monitoring assistance. It is absolutely not important for the assisting company with the citizen of which country the insurance event occurred - the main thing is that the policy is drawn up and the insurance event complies with the insurance conditions Liberty Insurance.

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