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Ренессанс Страхование RU CPS, Cashback auf Einkäufe
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  • Cashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for e-travel insurance, within the specified period.

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Terms of the program "Insurance TCD" in the insurance company Renaissance Insurance:

1) The basic insurance risk includes only emergency medical care (treatment)

2) Additional insurance risks:

  • Active rest (insurance during amateur sports, water sports, motorcycle riding, horses, paragliding, etc.)
  • Baggage (luggage insurance on the way to and from the place of stay)
  • Apartment (travel insurance for interior finishing and your home property, as well as liability to neighbors for damage to their property)
  • Accident (cash payment, if an accident results in bodily injury, disability or death occurs)
  • Civil liability (liability insurance in case of damage to health and / or property of third parties)

3) The insured person is an individual, a citizen of any country of the world

4) Sum insured - 35 000, 50 000 or 100 000 USD / Euro

5) The minimum period of validity of the policy is 3 days

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