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"Gardens of Russia" - the best achievements of breeding for the Amateur gardening!

Online shop "Gardens of Russia" is a real help for all gardeners. Here you can find everything required to raise an excellent crop or to grow stunning flowers.

The company's philosophy is to give growers the opportunity to join the latest innovations in the world for breeding of cultivated plants. For its long-term existence of "Gardens of Russia" has considerably extended its range. Only new, rare and the most successful varieties – that offer a "Gardens of Russia". In addition, the online store where you can shop and save cashback service will allow you to return part of the money.


"Gardens of Russia" specializiruetsya on the supply of seeds, bulbs and seedlings as traditional garden and garden crops and rare varieties of flowers, fruit trees, various perennials:

  • tuberous culture;
  • bulbous plants;
  • ornamental shrubs, trees;
  • citrus;
  • plants;
  • seeds;
  • specialized editions;
  • and more!

For the convenience of finding all the products are divided into categories: for example, culture, planted in spring or autumn, or perennials, fruit plants, etc. to Navigate the site easily and conveniently! A wide range of varieties allows you to choose the one that is right for you! And the opportunity offered by the online store in the form of cashback, will make the purchase even more profitable and enjoyable.

Details of product "Gardens of Russia"

Internet-shop "Gardens of Russia" presents only the best varieties of vegetable and horticultural crops. Scientists can apply the most modern selective methods, natural fertilizers, to maximize the fruitfulness of plants. Shipping and payment are very convenient for buyers in the regions, because "Gardens of Russia" are the client – for example, provide an opportunity to obtain in online store cashback!

Make a bargain purchase in the "Gardens of Russia": the cash back rewards, discounts, and more
Create a cozy and a flowered garden with his own hands along with the "Gardens of Russia"! For constant and wholesale buyers the company offers a nice discount. All orders are sent cod, so you don't risk your money! Convenient price with the exact prices will help to accurately calculate the cost of the purchase and a nice bonus in the form of cashback after the purchase of goods for gardeners will make ordering even more profitable!

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