For the buyer

What is the
Depcount system

Depcount – the First unified international discount system, which has no equivalent or competitors anywhere.

Thanks to our system, your purchases will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

When you making a purchase, you don’t need to have plastic card or discount coupon. All that is need - is a mobile phone number or ID.

With us, you'll know about discounts and promotions at your favorite stores, and this lets you find bargains.

Our system covers most types of goods and services and offers a discount for you, as a users of Depcount.

Depcount works on the territory of Ukraine, the CIS countries, Europe, and Asia.

How does the Depcount system works
  • You, as a buyer, register in the Depcount system and get your number ID. This registration takes only a few minutes and is completely free.
  • Choose the retail outlets with Depcount logo, marked on the site map for purchases.
  • When you making a purchase of goods or using the services at a discount, you must give your phone number or ID.
  • The seller then completes your purchase , and credits the amount of the discount to your account.
  • The money which you have saved on your account can be used to make purchases of goods or services, replenish your mobile phone account, or can be withdrawn from your account.
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