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The DEPCOUNT system is changing business promotion today!
  • 1 Do you spend huge sums on advertising your company on television, radio, magazines and the Internet?
  • 2 Don’t you want to avoid wasting time and resources on developing an effective advertising strategy?
  • 3 Do you want to expand your company? Do you need new customers from the Internet?
The DEPCOUNT system is changing business promotion today!

Depcount - the most effective system for your business::

  • You won’t spend money on advertising - we send you new customers and will advertise your business for free.
  • Imagine the scale — your advertisement in the leading social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google and Vkontakte.
  • You don't have to pay for the creation and maintenance of a corporate website or a small website — customers will find you through Depcount - the First Unified International Discount System, just by making a search on any search engine.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly functionality of the system — you are welcome to be our partner for a long time. Forever!
  • Publish company news in your Clients feed to your customers — promotions, new collections, expansion of a product range, etc. It means convenient, free, available alerts.
  • Make a transaction using Depcount and earn 30 % of system earnings for life.
  • You don't need any cards, vouchers, coupons. To make a deal you only need the client's phone number or his ID in the system.

It is very convenient! To receive the discount through Depcount there is no need to produce plastic cards — they are always forgotten at home. There's no need to remember a promotion code. Your customers simply mention their phone number or ID in the system — and the system will calculate the best discount anywhere in the world!

How does Depcount work Sign up to the System in a few minutes for free
  • Make a deal with the consumer of your products and/or services. It's so simple: in the Personal Cabinet in the Operations section you enter the price of your product or service. The system will automatically apply a discount based on the specified percent discount. For the transaction you only need the client's phone number.
  • The account is tied to the phone number. Now, the buyer mentions only his/her number with the next purchase in one of Depcount's participating stores - and he/she will be able to accumulate money on account from every transaction (even without registering!). The registered customer can pay in installments or can pay for the purchase in full, depending on the funds available in their Depcount account.
  • Note: conducting transactions is possible for unregistered customers. In this case, the customer will receive a notification on their phone. The text message will also include the amount of the discount, already credited to the account created in the system. In this case, the buyer would be your newly attracted customer (a referral) and you will automatically receive a 30% commission for each transaction of the buyer.
  • There are many ways to withdraw money from an account in Depcount in your country. It is convenient and profitable!
It is very important for us to make our in-system costumers your regular buyers. Therefore Depcount offers a reasonable solution for your business: save money on advertising and spend it on developing your business!
Depcount enhances your business image and increases your sales - register and see how!