Cashback for purchases at Ikapusta [CPS] UA

Ikapusta [CPS] UA, cashback for purchases
Cashback 2.5 USD
To receive cashback from this storre, please read the terms and conditions then click on the "Get cashback" button Get cashback

Conditions for receipt of cashback

  • Сashback will be accrued after approved decision on credit application, within the specified period.

Time until you receive cashback

13 Average time
33 Maximum time
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Get a loan online in two ways: to fill in a long questionnaire and wait about a week before the Bank will check your options or to calculate the real loan With this you get:

  • credit line or micro credit without any requirements to ensure;
  • quick and quality service in 10 minutes, so we need to calculate the required amount with the minimum amount of data;
  • confirmation within 24 hours.

Money in your pocket − this is the motto of professional loan companies. Instead of promises and huge commissions offers a quick and convenient way of lending. Minimal paperwork, quick but thorough check of credit history, this is enough for full cooperation.

The real way to solve the financial issue

Not all banks are able to lend to their customers online. Even fewer organizations provide their clients discounts or custom offers. While some programs record the person's actions − what he spends money on the target costs or third-party things, like sales.

You can get a loan on the website at very attractive terms. But this is only part of the proposal. To the Bank card comes a considerable amount of money for something that you use the services of the company. To get cashback any person who became a client of the Internet platform for lending.

Without the checks of identity and difficulties with the paperwork you solve your financial problems and get good source of income that can be spent at its discretion. The money goes into the account without limits or restrictions. You cannot separate them from the total amount. It is a small compliment from the company because you use its services.

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23 june 2017

Очень удобный сервис, хорошие быстрые кредиты плюс возврат средств в виде кешбека.

18 june 2017

Капуста она капуста и есть)) получаешь кредит быстро и без пыли, причем еще и часть средств приходит на карту как кешбек.