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Cashback 3%
To receive cashback from this storre, please read the terms and conditions then click on the "Get cashback" button Get cashback

Conditions for receipt of cashback

  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.

Time until you receive cashback

47 Average time
72 Maximum time
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More recently, the search for suitable furniture and it took a lot of time and effort. This problem has been solved once and for all, thanks to special services. For example, online store Its main advantage is a wide choice, separation of goods in particular categories (furniture, office, garden, kitchen furniture, etc.), broad run-up in prices (there is a cheaper or more expensive options). In total, the catalog combines about 7 thousand items.

Each store strives to create a better experience of shopping to its customers. – is no exception. Additional features the website offers free delivery within the Moscow ring road, payment solely upon receipt of the goods and special conditions for regular customers.

The site contains several sections, including a section with popular items section with discounts and recommendations. And when you really like an item, which is in one of these sections, you get more fun by purchasing it with an even more substantial discount. In this case the same discount is not always a minus of the initial amount. It also happens that part of the money back after making the payment, and this is nothing like cashback.

In the literal translation of "cash back" means a return of cash. In fact the way it happens. Paid for the goods, the money returned to the account after a certain amount of time, sometimes more, sometimes less. Moreover, the offer is valid even when the item purchased was of participants, sales, or perhaps it has already spread discount. The consumer will still get a percentage of the amount spent.

Today promotions and sales did not surprise anyone. Especially economical buyers are trying to follow the spec. the shops wanting to buy the goods even more favourably. And even the option of furniture, which is hardly going to change every year. Still on buying want to save that to send received funds on something less important. And here there appears another significant advantage of the cashback part of the money returned in the form of money, not bonuses.

Paying for goods and knowing in advance about the possibility of obtaining cash back, make purchases becomes even more joyful and most importantly – less costly. There is quite a saving.

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