Affiliate program

Depcount Partner Program - profitable, fair, transparent.

Participation in the partner program for buyers

The main page of the buyer's personal dashboard can be found here:

When your friends or acquaintances will have a pass on the link and register, you will automatically receive a reward of 30% of the Commission system for each person you have referred.

Even if a person has not signed up immediately, but for example the next day, it will still be your referral as the system remembers all those who passed through your link for 7 days! And if you attract a merchant or service provider you will earn 30% of the amount of commission from each transaction of their outlet or service.

Everything is very simple!
  • Send your own link to your friends or acquaintances
  • Earn money on your account
  • Pay with cash at any outlet/service in the Depcount system.

Participation in the partner program
for business users

Every business participant of the Depcount system, immediately after registration, has access to all functions available to participants in the affiliate system. There is a referral link on the main page of the entrepreneur personal dashboard (as a buyer) in the format: ID

When your one of your entrepreneur friends or a buyer clicks on the link, the system will remember it for 7 days!

Also, if the customer or business owner registers for a Depcount account during this period, this account will be considered your referral account. You'll earn 30% of the system fee for each transaction from every different kind of action by your referrals.

Everything is very simple!
  • Has a client come to you that is not the participant of the system? Just suggest him getting a discount from you! Enter the amount of the transaction in the "Make deal" Dashboard, and complete the operation in the same way as for a registered user (If the customer is not registered, the system will alert you to the next page after entering their mobile phone number). The client will be happy that you have given them a discount, and you'll earn 30% for life from the commission on each of the customer's transactions.
  • Invite your friends or other entrepreneurs and earn with each transaction they perform in the system.
  • Partner earnings are instantly credited to your internal account.
  • Withdrawal of money earned is possible using any convenient payment system.