Cashback-status Depcount
Thank you for choosing us! As a sign of gratitude the Depcount team has created a special level program that emphasizes your achievements in purchases and awards you with increased cashback (additional interest that is charged to the total amount of cashback)!
We've created five cashback levels Depcount. Each of them gives additional privileges using our service, which will multiply your earnings!
More purchases, higher cashback!
Example: you make a purchase at Aliexpress for a total of $10,000. With a 8% cashback your refund would be $800. Suppose, now you have acheived 'PLATINUM' status and the size of the cashback increased + 7%, the amount of you earnings is increased to $ 856.
  • Bronze

    Bronze is the initial level assigned to each new user upon registration.

  • Silver

    "Silver" status is achieved upon accumulating total purchases of $500.

    • Increased cashback - 3%
  • Gold

    "Gold" is assigned after you accumulate purchases of $3000.

    • Increased cashback - 5%
  • Platinum

    Platinum is achieved after accumulating $20000 in purchases.

    • Increased cashback - 7%
  • Brilliant

    You will achieve "Diamond" status after your total purchases reach $50,000.

    • Increased cashback - 10%