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Condiciones para obtener un cashback

  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.

Período para obtener un cashback

29 Tiempo medio
55 Tiempo máximo
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Eighth shop Ru shop of the goods for all occasions

Online store is a huge marketplace where a buyer can certainly find almost anything you need. All products can be ordered with a cashback service that will allow you to make a refund of the purchase amount. Range sorted by category also offers a convenient search form. Shop goods are offered at affordable prices, which makes buying the most beneficial.


The store features more than 20 thousand kinds of products for all occasions:

  • appliances;
  • products for the kitchen;
  • cosmetics;
  • household chemicals;
  • children's toys;
  • textiles;
  • sports equipment;
  • goods for cottages and recreation.

There is a special category of new products and special products at low price. Visit our outlet to get the best promotional offers, discount which typically ranges from 1 to 60%, while if you add to the online shop cashback, the savings will be huge. The shop is open seven days a week, so orders are processed without delay.

The work site is established so that customers could get their purchases as soon as possible. When your order amount more than 4 thousand rubles delivery in Moscow is free of charge. The standard range is given a quality guarantee for 6 months, regardless of was used in the online shop cashback or not.

The number of items in so big that it is impossible to review all the proposals. Especially the store will appeal to people who are looking for a gift. Thanks to many categories will definitely be able to find a good option. Refunded after purchase in the online store cashback can be withdrawn or spent but new purchase.

How to save in with the cashback service

When ordering from an online store through a cashback refund of the amount is carried out in the period up to 30 days after confirmation of purchase. Also in case of online payment is guaranteed 3% discount. Thus, even for the usual product category cashback in conjunction with cashless payments will provide an opportunity to reduce the cost of purchase! This on the background of relatively low prices makes the store the perfect platform for making purchases.

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