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  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.

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Facial and body privilege, not only of the beautiful half. For women and men who care about their own attractiveness and skin health Internet-shop of perfumery and cosmetics offers products of famous brands at an affordable price.

Online shop designed to save precious time of customers. option is online fashion brand Elite, who for almost 20 years concerned about the health and beauty of their clients. To buy luxury cosmetics or new perfume is now much easier and more profitable. It is enough to familiarize with the products from the catalog, choose a favorite product and place your order. A few clicks – and elite cosmetics and perfumes from the online store will be a worthy purchase.

Why is it beneficial?

The site presents only the qualitative and checked goods. We care about the reputation and guarantee only positive emotions from every purchase. In the Internet-store of perfumery and cosmetics you will find something that is not in the beauty boutiques of Ukraine. Unique armata and care to guarantee your uniqueness and attractiveness. New releases, bestsellers and promotions for favorite customers. Gift certificate the best surprise for the beloved.

Discounts, promotions, sales and bonus programs allow you to save a lot of money. Today it is possible to return some money spent in the form of real money. Thanks to a refund that purchase is much more profitable. How does it work? You order, pay for it and will get back a certain percentage of the cost.

If the campaign you save 5-10%, in addition to this discount is almost the same you will receive back in the form of cashback. The more expensive cost in the order, the greater the return. The benefit is obvious. Depending on the form of payment you can get the money in cash from the courier or card, whichever you prefer.

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21 junio 2017

Люблю купляти справжню оригінальну косметику, а тут це можна зробити трохи дешевше завдяки кешбек сервісу.

16 junio 2017

Отличный сайт, много оригинальной косметики, все очень высокого качества и большой выбор. Благодаря кешбеку все покупки очень экономные.