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Cardo UA, cashback en las compras
Cashback 6.6%
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Condiciones para obtener un cashback

  • Se acumulará Cashback después de confirmar el pago del pedido, dentro del período especificado.

Período para obtener un cashback

33 Tiempo medio
70 Tiempo máximo
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Brand "CARDO" produces fashionable women's clothing mass market, designed for women from 20 to 35 years. The brand's designers are the most sought after segment of fast fashion. The latest fashion trends and structural features of the region are taken into account in the development of models. The result is a fashionable model, built on the ideal patterns, perfectly sitting on the fair sex of the CIS countries. Every week in the range there are several new models. Production and tailoring is made on the advanced equipment according to requirements of the European standards. Modern basic and auxiliary materials from the best manufacturing firms are applied. Controlling the development of models, production and distribution, the company can offer partners a quick hit of products in retail outlets.

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