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Mafia UA, cashback en las compras
Cashback 3.85%
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Condiciones para obtener un cashback

  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.
  • Orders over 200 Hrn - cashback 3.85%
  • Orders under 200 Hrn - cashback 8 Hrn

Período para obtener un cashback

30 Tiempo medio
45 Tiempo máximo
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MAFIA is a modern democratic restaurants of Italian and Japanese cuisine with quality service and prices that are available for people with average income. The restaurant menu combines the two most popular in Ukraine culinary traditions – Japanese and Italian, and in this lies one of the secrets of success. A proprietary meter pizza, regular special offers and promotions have become the business card of a MAFIA.

The company's mission:
• To serve, to delight and to surprise, providing quality services, blending tradition and innovation, to raise the culture of consumption.
• To be a synonym of quality, causing trust and respect for the company's brand and brands of institutions.

Benefits for buyers:

– Product quality at the highest level. 
– Speed of delivery.
Regular the best deals.
– Great range.

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