Cashback en las compras en Ренессанс Страхование-2 RU CPS

Ренессанс Страхование-2 RU CPS, cashback en las compras
Cashback 31 USD
Para obtener reembolso en esta tienda, lea los términos y condiciones y haga clic en el botón "Obtener un cashback" Obtener un cashback

Condiciones para obtener un cashback

  • Se acumulará cashback después de confirmar el pago del seguro del casco, dentro del período especificado.
  • Prolongación de la póliza de seguro no se paga.

Período para obtener un cashback

27 Tiempo medio
55 Tiempo máximo
Ir al sitio web de
Obtener cashback
en Depcount

Terms and conditions of CASCO insurance

  • Insurance period-1 year
  • Policyholder-natural person
  • Vehicle owner-natural person, citizen of the Russian Federation
  • The purpose of use of the vehicle-personal, excluding renting (rental), driving training, use as a taxi or courier delivery (Express delivery)
  • Vehicle category: B (motor vehicles with a permissible mass of up to 3.5 tonnes and Seating capacity of up to 8 tonnes))
  • The vehicle is in good technical condition, has the established VIN number and year of issue, is registered or is subject to registration in bodies of traffic police
  • The vehicle is equipped with a serviceable anti-theft system

Vehicles are not accepted for insurance via the Internet:

  • Temporarily imported into the territory of the Russian Federation with the obligation of re-export
  • With VIN number, engine number or chassis not installed, missing or deleted
  • Registered on the territory of foreign States
  • Exclusive, Museum, racing, armored, tuned, distilled, is used as collateral (except for vehicles bought on credit)
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