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Интернет-магазин Алёнка, cashback en las compras
Cashback 3.6%
Para obtener reembolso en esta tienda, lea los términos y condiciones y haga clic en el botón "Obtener un cashback" Obtener un cashback

Condiciones para obtener un cashback

  • Cashback is accrued after confirming the payment of the order, within the specified period, only for the first purchase of a new customer *.
  • * If you are already a regular customer of the online store Alenka, Cashback will not be credited.

Período para obtener un cashback

18 Tiempo medio
40 Tiempo máximo
Ir al sitio web de
Obtener cashback
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Internet shop of confectionery products "Alenka"

Internet-shop the trading platform of the holding "United Confectioners" covering the whole of Russia:

- Holding "United Confectioners" is the leader of the confectionery market in Russia!

- 19 confectionery companies throughout Russia

- 17th place in the world in terms of sales of confectionery

- 380 000 tons of confectionery products per year

- 140 000 chocolates "Alenka" is produced on the line per shift

- 100 stores "Alenka" own retail network

- 10,000 checks per day

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