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ECCO, cashback a vásárlások
Cashback 3.25%
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A pénzvisszafizetés feltéltelei

  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.

A pénzvisszafizetés időtartalma

31 Közép idő
30 Maximum idő
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Clothing and shoes − a business card, a way to complement any image, regardless of the physique and capabilities of the person. To create an individual style and a small budget.

With this you get:

  • branded shoes from the stylish collections from leading designers;
  • maximum information about most shoes, different materials and accessories;
  • convenient and fast delivery to your city, all the terms are discussed in more detail during correspondence with the Manager;
  • the opportunity to try the product, your order will be delivered to specialized outlets OZON or BoxBerry. There you will be able to try on the purchased model, and, if necessary, to return the goods back;
  • great discounts and special bonus points for purchases on the website.

Don't know where to order good shoes? You need a professional online store. The company offers a complete line of products for children and various accessories and branded bags. To order such products through convenient form and pay directly on the website.

New possibilities of Internet shopping

Buy real shoes and receive additional bonuses and discounts is quite real. Simply go to the website devoted to the link and get cashback for each purchase.

Unlike bonuses and various certificates money on this program do not need to save or put into an account. You get extra pay on a Bank card or any convenient method, for example, through e-wallet.

In this case, you shall freely dispose of the funds received. Order shoes from real leather and modern materials, attend the sale, pay for purchases in shops using the card. System cashback is relevant now, and Ecco.

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