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E-xpedition BY, cashback a vásárlások
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  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.

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29 Közép idő
45 Maximum idő
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The gift shop offers a lot of options of gifts for loved ones, colleagues, friends. At the request of the owners of the site they will find the perfect gift for your grandmother. The online store has a very simple and convenient interface that helps you quickly choose the right product. Customers only need to visit one of the sections:

  • Camping. This section is designed for lovers of hunting, fishing and picnics. Tools, equipment, lights and other things that may need to hike or tenting.
  • Business gifts. When you need to find a gift for a colleague, it is better to start with this section. Business card holders, pens, bookmarks, key rings and other useful stuff.
  • Gadgets and electronics. Headphones, chargers, fitness bracelets, the watch is not the entire list of goods, which is in the shop.
  • Games and entertainment. Puzzle, Board, interactive and other games for children and large groups of adults.
  • Outdoor goods. Gyrometer, balance boards, kites will help you to stay active and fun.

 Also the online store presents food, autopalace, home goods and travel, clothing and accessories, Souvenirs.

The website specializiruetsya unconventional gifts. For those who are confused about the variety of ideas or does not understand what to give, create the section "Selection of a gift" where the goods are graded depending on their tematichno. It's nice that the holidays buyers waiting for sales from Also held shares for Souvenirs, clothing, accessories and other products. Another nice bonus is the cashback You make a purchase on the site and you receive cash back percentage from them.

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