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  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.

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Hypermarket offers customers the largest range of products. Any of the 25,000 items submitted can be ordered through the Internet with delivery to your house or pick up independently by visiting one of their stores. OGO carries out delivery of all items in Moscow, as well as in any region of Russia.

Save time and money

Hypermarket Ogo knows how important it is for you to rationally use every minute of free time, so it seeks to create the most comfortable conditions for your shopping. The shop guarantees low prices and high quality goods.

Thanks to the convenient form of search, you will find the desired position in a matter of seconds. Online shop Ogo hypermarket present modern novelties and positions that have become classics. Among the thousands of items are computer and portable equipment, office equipment, household appliances, car accessories, children's and New Year's products, everything necessary leisure and much, much more.

Now you do not need to waste time searching for stores with the best deals. OGO collected the best samples of reliable equipment for rest and work, and offers products of leading world and domestic brands at affordable prices.

Hypermarket Ogo sells only certified goods. The quality of each item has an official confirmation - certificate. All positions have characteristics and properties corresponding to Russian and international standards.

Loyalty program

High customer requests provide an incentive for the sale of goods at a reasonable price, and also Ogo hypermarket participates in the cashback loyalty program. With the help of the popular bonus program you are guaranteed to recover some of the cost of your purchases. Cashback Ogo, depends on the product category: ranges up to 12%.

Despite the fact that the prices in Ogo are very low, in this hypermarket are constantly operating discounts and promotions. Keep up to date promotional offers on the website, and you are sure to find the right option, beneficial for you.

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