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YVES ROCHER UA, cashback a vásárlások
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Health care and attractiveness of the skin is the priority of every woman. Online store offers to buy natural cosmetics from France at a bargain price.

By subscribing to the newsletter is easy to secure a specialist advice and information on new products in convenient form for you. Online shop of cosmetics and perfumes implements:

  • natural cosmetics from France for make-up;
  • quality means on care of a body;
  • news and trends women's and men's perfumes;
  • means for bath and shower.

Natural cosmetics in online store matched with the characteristics of the skin, its easy to pick up thanks to the convenient interface of the website.

A separate feature of the store of natural cosmetics – fragrance choice. Smell – a guarantee of attitude and confidence in their own attractiveness. With there is the opportunity to pick up a bath gel, deodorant, body lotion and perfume in the same range to create a whole image.

The more orders in the basket, the more gifts – a compliment from the shop. When the amount of UAH 275. you get one gift, if the price increases to 475 UAH. added another. When the amount of the order shipping is free within 3-5 days.

Today it is very easy to secure a youthful appearance and ensure significant savings. offers up to 15% discounts and promotions, where the price of a single item you can buy 3 units of natural cosmetics. And that's not all gifts. Amount spent on the purchase of goods, the customer is guaranteed to receive cashback.

What is the secret? Part of the money back to the buyer for a card or cash, depending on the form of payment. To receive cashback with little to no action: simply pay for your order and receive a percentage back. The money saved you can treat yourself to a new, unexpected purchase.

Even if the products involved in the action, and you have already saved, cashback for you guaranteed. Profitable and convenient. The more spent, the more saved.

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23 június 2017

Взагалі то це марка дорога марка, проте тут працює кешбек, і тому можна просто купувати і не багато витрачати.

21 június 2017

Гарний магазин, можна купляти улюблену косметику на різні гелі для обличча та ще й економити завдяки кешбеку!

18 június 2017

Отличный магазин, тут есть кешбек, поэтому можно покупать все что хочешь и не сильно тратиться.

16 június 2017

Отличный магазин косметики, все что нужно, можно купить здесь! Обожаю эту марку. А еще экономлю с кешбек сервисом.