Cashback sugli acquisti in Crediton UA CPS

Crediton UA CPS, cashback sugli acquisti
Cashback 4.2 USD
Per ottenere il rimborso in questo negozio, leggi i termini e le condizioni e fai clic sul pulsante "Ottenere cashback" Ottenere cashback

Condizioni per ottenere cashback

  • Cash back accrued after the confirmation of the loan issued within the specified time. Cashback will be accrued only for the first issued loan (for further loans cashback will be $2 if the loan amount is more than 1000 UAH)

Termine per ottenere cashback

17 Tempo medio
35 Tempo massimo
Vai al sito web di
Ottieni cashback
su Depcount

CreditOn – new online service for micro-credit that allows for 15 minute to obtain a loan of up to UAH 15,000 on the card of any Bank of Ukraine. We can take credit how to pay, and any other needs. All you need is a passport and a code. To obtain the money You will be able from any point of Ukraine, while having only Internet access.

Benefits for buyers

  • High probability of approval of the application 80-90%
  • The possibility of early repayment
  • The increase in the amount of the loan with each new treatment
  • Need only a passport and a code
  • The application is considered no more than 15 minutes
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