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  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for the order, within the specified period.

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The electronics store with a huge selection of different products is coolicool.com. Working in several languages, this service unites many people who want to buy goods profitable, saving money and carefully weighing the conditions for making purchases.
About the purchase process
After registering and introducing basic information about yourself to the buyer there are great opportunities. Coolicool offers dozens of famous brands and their latest electronics, the catalog of which is complemented by colorful photos and descriptions.
A separate line highlighted the recommended products, as well as new items. The search string is a good option for those who want to quickly find the interesting thing.
Ordering takes only a couple of minutes, and within a few days the buyer gets the goods he needs.
More options
In addition to retail, the electronics store is wholesale. For these buyers, even more favorable conditions are opened here.
If you have any questions, the user can contact the store representatives through a special form, as well as visit the forum.
Electronics, which you can buy on coolicool.com, are quality things from China. The store itself occupies a leading position among similar servers. Customer service is carried out in more than fifty countries around the world.

The two most interesting sections of coolicool.com are "Discounts" and "Pre-Sale". Thanks to the latter, the user can, as it were, reserve a novelty. Discounts allow you to purchase goods on even more favorable terms. As a rule, the section presents several options with a greater or lesser benefit in price.
Acquire a favorite smartphone or tablet in the electronics store is twice as pleasant as the cashback. And it looks like this: from the amount of the purchase, a certain part of the money is returned to the buyer's account. It turns out quite good savings, especially since cashback - this is real money, which you can spend on your own. The only thing to consider is that the lower the price of the purchased product, the less the cashback will return to the buyer.

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22 haziran 2017

Досить непоганий магазин, гарні ціни якщо враховувати кешбек. На багатьох речах так можна суттєво зекономити.

19 haziran 2017

Купив тут смартфон по дуже доступній ціні, та ще й отримав кешбек 10%. Тепер хочу купити ще й планшет, бо дуже вигідно.