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Preparation for the OGE is always troublesome and exciting. The ninth-grader faces such tests for the first time, and in order to get a good assessment, you need to start preparing for them in advance.

Who will help?

Serious preparation for GIA is not given to all students. Not everyone can force themselves to do themselves. And to somehow resolve the situation, many parents, remembering about the OGE courses, begin to seek help from tutors. The option is effective, but expensive. Prepare for no less effective, but less costly will help a special service Foxford.ru.

About the service

The online learning center of Foxford is the support of students from grades 5 to 11, in all subjects. After registration, each student can pull up their knowledge of a particular subject. Mathematics, physics, chemistry - for most students this is the most difficult areas. And for children with mathematical mindsets, on the contrary, it is difficult to give English, societal knowledge, history. Bringing up knowledge of these subjects is also not a problem. For many students, the service is even more effective than the OGE tutor. And all this because classes are held with humor. Information is presented in a light form, everything is explained on simple examples. Children are engaged with pleasure, choosing for themselves a convenient time.

More options

The online learning center of Foxford helps not only children. Teachers here can also find a lot of useful information, improve their skills. The knowledge gained will enable them to prepare children for the OGE 2017.

Save on training - this formulation may seem strange. However, in fact, it does not have a negative connotation. You can save on preparing for difficult exams with the help of cashback. How does this happen?

The online learning center of Foxford offers its services. Parents agree that their children will receive effective online courses, receive missing knowledge on certain subjects. At the next stage, the customer contributes cash. After a while their part will be returned to the account. The money received can be used at will.

Thanks to cashback it became much easier to save. The client benefits, and that, where, it would seem, it will no longer be.

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