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Zetta Страхование [CPS] RU, alışverişlerde para iadesi
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  • Сashback will be accrued after confirming the payment for e-travel insurance policy, within the specified period.

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The uniqueness of the program "Insurance AD" lies in the fact that insurance policy can be bought by any natural person (a citizen of any state!), who owns the Russian language at that level to arrange and pay for insurance on the website of the Russian insurance companies.

The fact is, that in the event of an insured event, to support the client not the insurance company, and international company-assistance. 

In the countries of residence of the company-assistance contracts with medical institutions and other organizations whose task is to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance in the event of an insured event.

Mandatory such companies have an official representative who speak local and English languages for the organization and control of assistance.

For the company-Assistans does not matter with any citizen of the country the insured event occurred - the main thing that was decorated policy and insurance case consistent with the terms of the insurance of public Insurance.

Conditions "Insurance AD" in the insurance company Zetta Insurance:

1) Basic insurance (included in basic package):

  • Medical transportation
  • Posthumous repatriation of body
  • Return after prolonged hospitalization
  • Emergency dental care
  • Medical expenses abroad
  • Payment of urgent messages
  • Evacuation of children
  • Accommodation and travel third party

2) Additional insured risks:

  • Visit third party
  • Early return of the insured
  • Loss or theft of documents
  • Death, loss, damage of Luggage
  • A stopover
  • Delay of a regular flight
  • Legal assistance
  • Civil liability to third parties
  • Accident

3) Insured - a natural person, a citizen of any country in the world

4) Insurance amount - 35 000, 50 000, 75 000 or 150 000 USD/EUR

5) the Minimum term of the policy - 2 days

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